The Adams Motor V 4.0

by Jean-Louis Naudin

created on 11/04/97 - JLN Labs - last update on 11/06/97

Notes from Jean-louis Naudin : In this new design of my Adams Motor V4.0 the main rotor is placed verticaly, thus it is easier to use the mechanical power generated. This version uses ferrite baryum magnets ( BH max about 25 kJ/m3 ( 3.2 MGO) ).

This Adams motor V4.0 uses an enhanced electronic controler and uses only one TopFet (BUK100). The coils activators are used in resonance mode ( with 2x220 uF capacitors in parallel ), thus the electrical power input is reduced Vs the previous release of this motor for the same mechanical output.

I have used soft iron cores and the air gap between the magnets and the coils is 1mm wide.

The next version, the V4.1 will use NIB (Neodymium Iron Bore) magnets ( BH max about 208 kJ/m3 ( 27 MGO)). This will increase the mechanical power output without affecting significantly the electrical power input.

See also the tests of the Adams V4.1

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