The Adams Motor V 4.1

by Jean-Louis Naudin

created on 11/06/97 - JLN Labs - last update on 11/06/97

Notes from Jean-louis Naudin :

In this version, of the Adams motor V4.1, I have used NIB (Neodymium Iron Bore) magnets ( BH max about 208 kJ/m3 ( 27 MGO) Bremag 27 ). But unfortunately, in spite of my previous expectations, the speed has not increased and the rotation is "jerky" due to the high attractive force of the NIB magnets. Then, I have adjusted the size of the plastic shutters and the time synchro of the pulses generated, but without success. I have not been able to obtain a resonance mode with this version, so I had to remove the 2x220uF resonance capacitors...

With NIB magnets: The motor turns at 288 RPM for 7.61W electrical power input and low torque.

With Ferrite Baryum magnets: the motor turns at 1210 RPM for 23.4W electrical power input and high torque.

Thus is spite of appearence, I have decided to go backward to the Adams motor V4.0 which runs with better efficiency with simple ferrite magnets.

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