Jean-Louis Naudin - JLN Labs (c) 1998

Created on 10 Feb 98 - Last update 10 Feb 1998

You will find below my current researches and testing about Quantum Magnetic Motors (QMM). The purpose of this project is to tap Zero Point Energy by using electrodynamic effects generated in high speed magnetic motors.

QMM mk1: Low temperature and high speed

QMM mk2 : special design, high speed, low temp

QMM mk3: Newman type motor, low power input

QMM mk4: R.Adams type motor, enhanced design

QMM mk5: Flux gate type motor, under test

QMM mk6: Flux gate type motor (big size), under test

QMM mk7: High power output, under construction

QMM mk8: Self-running generator, under test

Notes from Jean-Louis Naudin : I am currently conducting some researches about Quantum Magnetic Motors by using quantum electrodynamics. Thank you very much to all of you for your help, your comments and your support about these devices....

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