The Newman's Energy Machine
By JL Naudin/M.David
created on 06-12-98 - JLN Labs - last update on 10-22-07

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The Joseph Newman's Machine full video ( updated on 10-22-07 )

The Newman's Energy Machine V1.0 from JL Naudin, Blueprints and pictures


No.Publication (Sec.) :WO8300963
Date de publication :1983-03-17

Numéro original:

No. de depot:WO1981US0110519810828
No. de priorité :WO1981US01105 19810828
Classification IPC :H02N11/00; H02K53/00
Classification EC :H02K53/00, H02N11/00B
Brevetscorrespondants :AU7583781, BR8109038,

 Abrégé  A system for generating obvious work motion, or electromagnetic
energy (fields offorce) or electric current utilizing the electromagnetic
energy which makes upa matter and results in a greater output of energy, than
the initial input of conventional energy means and teachings. A first
exemplary embodiment (Figure1) of the generator uses a contained fluid (117)
surrounding a series of aligned magnets (120); while a second exemplary
embodiment (Figure 3) uses a special material (201) held stationary between
two static magnets (202, 203),the special material having its atoms aligned
but maintaining the resulting magnetic field at least substantially within
its boundary surface; while third and fourth exemplary embodiments (Figures 5
and 6) utilize a relatively heavy coil (205) made up of relatively large
diameter wire of relatively great length and number of loops and length and a
relatively small energizing current to drive a rotatable permanent magnet

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